Extreme Sniffles

In january we have cut out alcohol, eating out, better food choices and have been going to the gym everyday including running out in the pouring rain, and then what happens, I get a cold just as the sun starts to come out! Very Frustrating, but I am taking all the precautions to get better by the weekend!  But for now I am on the sofa drinking 3 lemsips a day. Wedding Fitness will be put on hold for a few days.



Monday Fitness

So I have almost cleared out my entire kitchen of crappy foods, we still have our sweets jar and in times of desperation I seek comfort in Lindt Chocolate. But yesterday I did pretty well, warmed up with a 3k run and did the 600 rep challande.

100 High Knee Skipping rope
100 lunges (50 on each leg)
100 High Knee Skipping Rope
100 Step Ups
100 Half Pull Ups
50 Side Crunches (25 on each side)
25 Regular Crunches
25 Bicycle Crunches 

And then you do this as quickly as possible, I did it in 19.49 seconds, not bad for my first go but I am feeling it this morning 🙂



Back in Business

So I am getting back to this blog, fun times a head! I am on a routine which could be pretty boring but it feels pretty good! I get up go to work, go to the gym, go home, cook and hit the sack 🙂

But work is going well, going to work onsite this weekend and the Arsenal v Tottenham game, big rivals.

New things

I haven’t been blogging that much anymore because it has been christmas and new years and as some of my new years resolutions I have for 2012 has been to work on some other things, still being creative but channelling my energy into other things. I think I am going to keep this blog open for a while longer but, it might also be time soon to merge it with something new that I am working on. Its under wraps at the moment but all will be reviled 🙂

Super Saturday

Super Saturday

It’s always amazing to wake up in your house on a saturday and know you have food in the fridge to make a nice brunch and that there is some fun re-runs of Fraiser on tv. This was my morning and had Mis Kim staying over and I always love making a more fun breakfast if there is someone ells eating with me! So even if we decided to make a brunch yesterday at 11.30 and only had a 24 hour Sainsbury’s to hop from we still managed to get some good stuff, en route I also realised I didn’t have any milk so I snuck in to a Subway and took some small milk pots from the coffee station. They have probably seen worse! After breakfast we ran some of my errands and looked in the shops and sat outside in the glorious sunshine and had a coffee.

Now I am heading to the gym and my Mr and I are going to make dinner! I need to run extra hard as I am preparing a dessert 🙂 Yeay!!